Pro-Line True Scale Concrete 1:10 K-Rail

Ok I’m sorry but these are cool. Any of you guys that ever read my stuff over on BigSquid know i’m a huge geek when it comes to scale drift tracks. Anytime I come across something that I think will look cool on my track I have to pick one up. These will look great on my track but they have only one problem. The are EXPENSIVE. 21 dollars per section….. ouch. In their defense they are made of real concrete which i’m sure helps with shipping costs and reinforced with steel rebar. Do we need that on a drift track? I don’t know. The cars are usually pretty light and rarely hit anything very hard. I can’t help thinking that if these were cast from plaster or something of the sort and oh I don’t know 1/4th the price these would be a home run.

I think Proline is thinking more along the lines of scale diorama where 1 or 2 of these will look really cool in the background of your scale parking lot scene, but I think other scalers out there like me would like to use them for far more. Maybe they will come out with a budget option for us track owners.

Anyway these look great, if you want to pick up one for your scale garage or gas station you can find them on Pro-Lines website here.


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