Desert Lizard shocks from Yeah Racing

Scale shocks seem to be all he rage right now. Everyone is trying to one up each other in this department to see who can make the most realistic and best performing shocks. Yeah Racing has fielded their newest entry with the Desert Lizard internally sprung shocks. I usually don’t care much for internally sprung shocks, in fact recently I reviewed a set and made a laundry list of things I did not like about them. To my amazement I think Yeah Racing read my list and addressed them all with these units. (probably not but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)


Some of the other brands I tested have small dainty shock shafts, not the Lizards. They are a beefy big-bore shock with shafts that exceed the dimensions of the stock SCX10 shocks. The shock shafts are titanium nitride coated and the eyelets are beefy and wide to hold up to offroad abuse. The attractive anodized and laser etched shock bodies are much larger than the stockers and the extra emulsion will help them dampen more consistently. This is all well and good but now we are getting to the good stuff. The internals feature machined Delron pistons for ultra smooth operation. (this alone would make these a good upgrade for your SCX10II) A couple of different size pistons are included for tuning options as well. Also included are several sets of springs in various weights to adjust how stiffly you would like your rig sprung. The cool part about the spring setup is they include a single spring for the standard setup and the include a “droop spring” setup so you can tune in some suspension droop. Several spring weights are included so you can mix and match to your your hearts delight. This will allow you to really get your rig dialed in to where you want it, and still have a nice scale looking shock.



The fit and finish of these shocks is very nice. Even the shock cartridge is aluminum which is impressive. The large bore shock body is a bottom loader design for easy disassembly even when it is on the rig. I’m really impressed with the features on these shocks so I look forward to testing them out to see if they perform as well as they look. They come in lots of different colors to match whatever your rig has going on. They are definitely worth a look.


Available now, so if you want a pickup a set you can grab them at rcMart here!

Price: $19.90 a pair.

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