Axial announces SCX10 III

Never a company to sit still in the quickly changing “Scale RC” market, Axial Racing has announced an update to its ever-popular SCX10 platform. The SCX10 III is the next generation Axial model and its coming to the market as a kit. (sorry RTR lovers) This modernized version of the popular vehicle features many options that other companies have already incorporated into their designs so for the first time Axial may be finding them selves following the industry as opposed to leading.

While moving the motor up-front like Vanquish and Traxxas have done in their kits they also incorporate many popular modifications as standard that many enthusiasts have done for years. The motor and servo are covered by a “scale motor” up front complete with intake and cone filter (look for a K&N license deal before long). Battery and electronics trays have been made more modular to allow more flexibility, and pan-hard, steel links and all new AR45 portal axles are now standard.

The low CG transmission features a transfer case similar to the 1st gen SCX10 II . The big difference to me is like the Capra, the v3 also includes dig. Once you have driven a truck with dig it is very hard to go back. This inclusion of this function in a flagship model in the lineup will hopefully make it more mainstream on the scene. The other feature touted on this truck is the 2 speed transmission. I’ve long been critical of the inclusion of 2 speeds on scale models as I feel they just add complexity and unnecessary cost. But there you have it, the TRX4 has the option and so the SCX10 v3 shall as well. But to be fair I’ll take dig over remote lockable diffs all day.

Visually the v3 has tons of extras as well. We have all come to expect the obligatory Jeep licensed bodies but this time around they have included all kinds of cool little goodies that take the scale points up a notch. As mentioned the motor and transmission look great. They have also incorporated inner fenders and floor pans into the design. The body features mirrors, wipers, and radiator, as well some some cool looking HID headlight and taillight lenses. Everywhere you look there are little vents or cowl ducting, did I mention a full interior? There is no shortage of detail on this body. If the truck handles as good as it looks I have no doubt this truck will help Axial gain back some of that market share they gave up in this space.

So if you’re keeping count you are going to need a 4 channel radio plus lighting plus electronics to operate the SCX10 III to its fullest potential. That kinda makes this truck more of an advanced modelers kit. Its gonna take a fair amount of experience to get all of that working in concert. I’m sure all you hardcore scale guys out there will have no problem, but beginners will need some help. I have to admit I’m pleased to see Axial make this available to the kit builders first. I can’t wait to get my hands on one when they start shipping in April.

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