New Rig! Axial SCX10III Basecamp RTR

Well Axial is back at it with a new RTR offering of its most modern machine, the SCX10III Base Camp. While the name may be a little uninspiring i’m actually kind of excited about this truck. This platform was in need of an update to compete is some spaces where other manufacturers had no competition. This is the SCX3 that should have come out first. Its completely devoid of all the clutter that came on the initial offering. No 2 speed in sight, and delete all of that scale plastic that made it so top heavy.  All of that clutter was one of my major annoyances at the original SCX3, no issues with that here. Just the essentials to get you rolling and just enough hardening to keep it on the trail for an entire day of fun.

Think of this truck as a blank slate just begging for you to customize it.

Notables upgrades are aluminum shocks with threaded shock bodies, upgraded links, upgraded panhard mount, and servo horn attached to what looks like a higher quality servo.

Dont forget this is a portal truck. Its going to give you all the clearance you would expect from a modern crawler/scaler. They did have the forsight to make the new transmission configurable to be reverseable so you can run standard axles (and make it compatable with other straight axle offerings) if you want to. But why would you want to? I’m betting they are just planning on getting as much milage out of this new transmssion case mold as possible. If it helps hold down the cost of future offerings I’m all for it.

It comes with a generic painted body available in 3 colors; again saving some money by not including a licensed body. (We dont need anymore Jeeps!) It also looks to have the standard fare glue on kit tires as well so be ready to pony up for a wheel/foam/tire combo when you want to use this chassis up to its full potential. All in all I think this is a great setup for someone who wants to get in with a solid starter rig for not a lot of dough.

Hits:  Portals! Lots of aluminum. Threaded shocks, links, panhard, servo horn. Metal body steering servo! Nice multi-function radio. Nice Bumpers. 

Misses: No rocksliders?? 

Want one? They are due out May 17, but you can pre-order now at Amain Hobbies.

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