ECX Barrage – gateway drug to scale addiction.

So this happened…. Horizon announced the ECX Barrage in late September and I quickly brushed it off as “not news” instead of “hot news”. ┬áBut having written what I just did defending the newest rehash of the Traxxas Stampede in BigFoot colors I found myself feeling a little hypocritical about it. So my guilt drags me back to the keyboard to talk about this entry level scaler. Why am I not excited about this? Isn’t this a sign that scale has finally hit? It has finally penetrated to all levels of RC that there is now an extremely entry level scaler out there that any kid can save his pennies for? I went searching for information about this little truck from the oldest and most reliable source to talk scale on the internets

If you can use a search engine there is info to be had about this little guy out there, including that it appears to be a rebranded Chinese model from RGT Hobby called the Rock Cruiser. The Barrage sports a new body and wheels and tires, but underneath it appears to be very similar. Does its pedigree matter to little Johnny who walks into his local hobby shop with his parents? Nope, not one bit. The 180 dollar price tag is going to be the only thing that matters. So scoff at it all you want, it fills a hole in the market left by boutique brands like Axial and Vaterra nicely.

Do I think it looks like a great scaler? No, but it isn’t aimed at me or any other discriminating scaler. This is hands down a gateway drug into the scale scene kids. Go find one at your local LHS.


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Price: 179.99

Availability: Mid November 2016

More into can be found here





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