Vanquish Currie licensed axle housings for the SCX10 II

Well that didn’t take long! Just before Axial Fest Harley and Vanquish were teasing pictures of the newest release for the SCX10 II scale truck. Well actually these aren’t release units at all, they are still in prototype but from the fit and finish i’d say they have to be close. These are the newest design of the Currie Enterprises licensed Rock Jock axles.

The big things i’m noticing here are how well these axles look with the new smaller pumpkin. Go out and spy a look at some 1:1 Currie RockJocks and you can see just how real these things look now. Key features include integrated C-hubs, angled diff cover and trademark high clearance pinion found on the 1:1. Without the hardware and mounting clutter out on the ends of the axle it really cleans up the lines adding to the realism. Additionally the shock and suspension mounts are also part of the housing now simplifying assembly. ¬†Gone are modular axles tubes as is the Delrin slider.¬†Having built several sets of previous gen units, these should go together much quicker and be very durable.

Release date should be around early to mid August.


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