Axial Bomber/Yeti motor plate by Vanquish Products

There is no doubting the popularity of rock racing here in the states. With many different classes available from expert to beginner often the jumping off point is Axial’s popular RR10 Bomber chassis.┬áIn stock form this machine is very durable but we all know in the quest to go faster we often find the limitations of our equipment. While the RR10 transmission itself holds up really well to big horsepower the motor mount is an area that many found in need of beefing up to go racing.

That is where Vanquish Products comes in. Originally designed for the Yeti the motor plate design was used in the later released Bomber which as well all know would become one the preferred starting racing platforms. VP’s design fortifies the link between the motor and the spur gear reducing flex as well as wicking away heat from the motor. The optional motor cam is a highly recommended accompanying purchase because when used in combination the central drivetrain of this model becomes very resilient. It will also help with the longevity as the plastic cam system tends to fatigue after a while with heat and repeated punishment. VP’s motor plate should give you very long life and reliability.

So if you’re looking to hit the U4 circuit with your new Bomber or you just want bullet proof reliability for your Yeti basher these are definitely worth a look.

They are available now in black and clear so head out to VPs website and pick up a set for yourself.

You can find the Motor Plate here.

And the motor cam here.

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