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Well I tried to kind of come out swinging with this new site, and now I figure it’s time to let you guys know a little bit about why I am doing this and where I plan to go with it. So for those of you who don’t know me my name is Aaron. I’ve been around the scale scene for a few years now and have mostly done video stuff on my Youtube channel Evol Villain RC . About a year and 4 months ago I hooked up with Big Squid RC to do some writing work about the drift scene. I liked my time there but while I am into RC Drift it’s certainly not all I am into. I get a little bored doing one thing for too long and writing about drift got stale. Real stale. At BSRC I was kinda pigeon holed into just that one segment and I wasn’t really cool with that so I decided to move on and do my own thing. Enter Scale and Trail! One thing I learned over at BSRC was that I have a gift for gab. I can go on for hours about RC stuff not because I am really into it; no I think it goes way beyond that. But because it is part of my life. I have lived and breathed this stuff since my childhood years. I love talking about it and I love doing it, and as it turns out I like to write about it too.

So whats the plan? Well right now it’s just get the site off the ground. As you can see I’m keeping it real simple at the moment. But as time goes on I’ll add more things, get some other contributors and hopefully bring on some sponsors and advertisers to help support this whole deal. But that all depends on how many eyeballs I can get on this page. Asking for support only goes so far. I know I need to produce some quality content to keep you guys coming back and that is exactly what I am going to try to do. I have a few industry contacts who are helping me get going but if anyone out there would like to give a leg up to a fellow scaler guy i’d certainly appreciate the support. Shoot me a PM over on my FaceBook page to do so.

What are we going to write about? Well if its scale it’s fair game. I’m a scale nut. I can geek out on airplanes, drift cars, RC tanks, boats, monster trucks and of course there will be a heavy emphasis on trail rigs. As I am also an FPV pilot I would expect some coverage in that area to crop up as well. Basically I’m reveling in my new found freedom. That brings me to my next topic. Events! I love doing event coverage. I love capturing people enjoying themselves in the hobby and showcasing peoples hard work on tricking out their ride. My local club KCRC has an event coming up in 2 weeks called the Goat Hill Scale Challenge so keep your eyes peeled for some pics from that event.


On the subject of events and my crawling club I’d like to give congratulations to my fellow KCRC club member Lucky Bowles for taking first place in Class 1 at the RC4WD Scale Challenge down in Disney Oklahoma. Way to go Lucky!


Alright gang, that’s all I got for now, be sure and check back for more scale goodness on Scale and Trail RC!



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