Are you ready for Axialfest 2018?

Every year avid scalers from California and indeed from all over the world gather in Cisco Grove in northern California for what is considered to be the largest scale event of the year. Hosted by the manufacturer who put RC Scale on the map this event always boasts epic attendance numbers, even more insane crawling/trailing terrain and a bevy of product announcements that will be the chatter and debate for the rest of the year. While you can expect the event to deliver in terms of activities and a good time, for a first-timer it can be a little overwhelming figuring out what you need to take. Never fear because Amain Hobbies has been to a few of these events and they have put out a video series letting you know exactly what to take and what you can leave at home.

At work? Cant watch video? You can check out blog style versions of these videos here!


So there you have it, now you know the essentials to get you through your first Axialfest. If you need to pick up some gear to get your rig ready stop by and pick up your scaler goodies there. Axialfest is July 18th through the 21st so get your order in now and they will get it shipped out lickety-split.

That’s it for this time gang, keep the shiny¬†side up.



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