3Racing Crawler EX concept photos

3 Racing is never a company that is shy to tell people what they are working on. In fact they popped these pics out on their FB page a few hours ago to get peoples opinion about their design. That is kind of a different approach huh? You ever want to be involved with some product  design? Here is your chance!

They are calling it the Crawler EX and yes it resembles an SCX10. It looks like major decisions such as servo and battery placement are yet to be determined. There are huge departures in the design such as the Axles and Shocks. That is all original. The axles are some of the strangest looking things I have ever seen, but I reserve judgment untill I have tried a set out.

3 Racing is no stranger to crashing an established segment of the hobby as they did in the drift scene just a couple of years ago. The Sakura D3 and D4 came in and made a huge splash for being a high quality entry level machine at a rock bottom price. They earned themselves a huge following that way. Will they be able to pull off the same thing in the scale scene? Who knows but I’m pretty excited to see what they come up with.

Here are a few details the included with the pictures. Care to chime in on their discussion? You can hit their FaceBook page here.

“3Racing Crawler EX !

Chssis width: 215-235mm

Wheel Base: 270-335mm
Clearance: 72-85mm
Diff House Diameter: 34mm
Camber Adjustable
Toe Adjustable
Castor 10 degree
King Pin 12 degree
Tire 96mm or 108mm
Stealth body mount
Bevel Gear
55T 540Motor includes”


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