Axial RR10 Bomber Kit version

Axial released the long awaited RR10 Bomber kit this week much to many builders delight. The Bomber RTR has been a major hit and has enjoyed the greatest acceptance by the scaler crowd since the first Wraith hit back in the day. The kit version promises even more goodies for the scaler who isn’t afraid to dig in and build his rig from the ground up. As in the past the kit version features certain upgrades not available on the RTR release and this kit is no exception. It has the expected upgrades like the aluminum links and steering linkage but with a few notable changes. For one M4 hardware! In the past Axial’s link hardware have all been of the 3mm which left some room for improvement. This change alone might be enough to make you think about keeping the stockers. The other notable here is aluminum upper links! In the past Axial has never offered offered aluminum upper links as standard in their kit version. This is a very welcome change indeed.

Also updated are the licensed King shocks. While the RTR came with aluminum shock bodies the kit version adds billet shock caps and threaded shock collars to go along with them. This looks very trick and will definitely up the toughness as well as the looks of your rig. They are rounded out by machined pistons and matching blue spring cups to complete the King look.


Other upgraded areas on the back of the rig is the inclusion of a rear long travel sway bar to help keep that torque twist in check when strapping in big horse power. The rear links also feature Axial’s popular lower link plates to make the trailing arms more rigid for better handling and durability.


For me though the most welcome change in in the axles themselves. The new AR60s now feature Axial’s famed heavy duty bevel gears. For years those who thirst for more power have always upgraded to these ring and pinion gears to be able to harness the horse power so common in rock racer type vehicles. Thank you Axial!



Other improvements are a redesigned knuckle setup to go along with the standard universals that come in the kit version. The newest WildBoar drive shafts are also standard equipment as is the Yeti style transmission that features an all metal drivetrain and can be upgraded to 2 speed just like previous versions. It does however have an RR10 specific transfer case to match the Bombers suspension geometry. 32 pitch gearing and dual pad slipper clutch insure that you can tune power delivery to your liking and minimize breakage if you bind it up.


It is unclear if the kit version includes clear body panels, but they do include Bomber Fab decal sheets so you can customize the look of your rig which is great.

And finally on the ground the kit features the Bfgoodrich BAJA T/A KR2 tires in the R35 compound and 2.2 Walker Evans Racing beadlock wheels.

This all adds up to what I feel is Axial’s most desirable 2.2 rig they have put out. All of the upgraded goodies on the kit version should make it quite a bit more attractive than the RTR version to prospective buyers, and anything that gets people into building as well as driving is a good thing in my book.

The RR10 kit version should hit the shelves by mid June.


Thanks for stopping by gang, catch you on the next one.


To find out more about the new Bomber you can check Axials website right here.





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