Traxxas TRX-4 kit??

So Traxxas is putting out a model that you actually have to build…. crazy. When the TRX-4 RTR came on to the market I have to admit I was a little shocked that Traxxas had actually put the effort into a new platform vs. some limp wristed attempt to try to latch on to the scale movement. (Anyone remember the Telluride?)

No Traxxas had actually fielded a serious competitor to my astonishment and in some peoples eyes improved upon some of the established designs that have been dominating the market. While that part is arguable (ask BigSquid RC about this) there is no doubt that Traxxas has long-term intentions in this market. But what serious hardcore scaler brand only makes RTRs? Well, nobody it would seem. Traxxas do seem to have noticed that the scaler scene is heavily populated with those build it, make it your own, and drive it types. Its a formula Axial has been employing successfully for many years and Traxxas look to be jumping into that market. Now I can tell that a lot of you are disappointed about not getting your 16th Traxxas RTR transmitter to put on your shelf if you get this kit, but for me, it is a little refreshing. I haven’t owned many Traxxas cars for that exact reason. I like to build and I don’t want to pay for a bunch of crap radio gear I’m not going to use. So if this comes to pass I applaud the decision for Traxxas to finally take the training wheels off.

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