Axial Yeti Jr and Yeti Jr SCORE trophy truck “leaked” just in time for the holiday season.

Well the holiday season is officially upon us (earlier and earlier every year it seems) and the sub 200 dollar RC offerings are surfacing. RC vehicles in a price point that Grandma and Grandpa can palate to put a little RC goodness under the tree for the aspiring RC enthusiast. The “unfortunate” timing of these 2 vehicle leaks is of course suspect but that doesn’t make it any less relevant to that parent or grandparent looking for just the right gift for Jr. this season. Axial has often relied on viral marketing to generate the buzz needed to get the word out. This time around it was RC Driver magazine with their Holiday Grab Bag Giveaway  that featured one of these little guys in full color about half way down the page. I can only imagine the guilt these guys must be feeling for letting the cat out of the bag this time around. #sarcasm

So is this scale news?

While I would argue that the Yeti DNA line of vehicles aren’t really scalers they are produced by the premier scaler manufacturer. The Yeti in my opinion has always had a bit of identity confusion but does seem to crudely fit into both segments of scaler and basher. Some consider it much more of a crossover rig to attract the devout Traxxas fanboys to the dark side in hopes of making full fledged scalers out of them. Whatever their motives it’s no secret that Axial has been building a huge following over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. The price point and appearance of this rig will easily place it as a favorite (at least of mine) in this budget class mini segment. I have no doubt that if they can keep up with demand it will kill for sure this holiday season.


This truck is now released, you can check out all he details here!

The new price point is set at $179.99

*Part# AX90052 and AX90054

want to see some video of it in action?

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For more info you can wait patiently for it to show up on Axial Racings website.

Thanks to user OSRC on for the price and part numbers.

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