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You may have seen these great looking wraps floating around if you check out any of my videos on youtube, but now they are officially out so we can get the low down on these great vehicle wraps from Neal has again gone in a new direction for detailing out your favorite scale creation. Some people like their scaler to have a show room finish starting out with natural rack rash attained over time, but we all know how hard rust is to achieve on your paint job. Sure you can get iron imbued paint and deal with the mess but wouldn’t it be easier to use something that looks great right out of the gate? The Rust Bucket skinz feature a highly detailed digital image printed on a rugged matte finish vinyl that gives your rig that distressed look without all the hassle.

Right now they are only available for the Axial Rubicon, Cherokee and Honcho but I’d bet more styles are on the way. These start at a low 40 dollars and Neal can customize yours to give it a personal touch for a few bucks more.

Want a set for your rig? You can grab them up right here.

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