Axial Capra is here – is 2.2 dead?

Well, Axial has been stringing us along for months now with teasers of their new rig. There was never any question it was going to be some kind of rock buggy. Internet sleuths were digging up pictures of sponsored full-size rigs that this would likely be scaled after. The big surprise to me is that this turned out to be a 1.9. Not completely unlike the RR10 Bomber that came out a few years ago in overall looks, but what is under the hood is completely new. The portal axles were a big change, as is the built-in dig transmission and all-metal gears sets. Quite a lot for the scale rock crawler enthusiast to get excited about.

But this begs the question is 2.2 dead?

For years being playfully touted by Parker and many G6’ers as the “training wheel” class, has the industry followed suit? I think that remains to be seen, but for me I know I definitely enjoy a 1.9 scaler better. Maybe the people have spoken with their pocketbooks.

What do you think about this new turn of events? Post up below and comment on my FaceBook page.

Any reservations I had about Axial losing their way under new ownership have all but vanished for me. I can’t wait to see what they do next.


Want more details? You can check them out here!


Keep the shiny side up folks



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